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    Naogui - halloween


    ctf_naogui is a Halloween Capture the Flag map set in a haunted, abandoned old chinese city.

    ·Capture the enemy flag to open a portal to the underworld
    ·Fight the Skeleton King and the Horseless Headless Horsemann and a lot of skeletons
    ·Two different underworld locations
    ·A pit of death
    ·Even more skeletons!

    This map contains custom content from:
    Frontline Asset Pack
    TF2Maps Construction Theme Pack
    Precipice Model Pack by timberghost_paintball

    Thanks to:
    ♂YOUR♂MALE♂FANTASY♂ - Finding clipping errors in the map and even more.
    The TF2Maps Community - Helping me with various issues I had while making this map.
    Team Fortress 2 Memes en Español and TF2Shitposting for the love and support.
    Roux - <3