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My texture appear dark when i use light_environment!

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by johbal, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. johbal

    johbal L1: Registered

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    I've put a light_environment on my map and the texture of things in a certain distance appear dark/darkened...

    Also when i look through the sniper scope things go dark as well!

    What do I need to do, what have I made wrong?

    I hope you understand what I mean!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Acegikmo

    aa Acegikmo

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    The texture might be a model texture.
    Make sure the textures doesn't have model or prop in its filepath
  3. zornor

    zornor L4: Comfortable Member

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    Usually the model textures have a normal texture as an equivilant somewhere else. If you're using that wood texture with the gaps between the planks that are faded (this is like the "model" texture that every new mapper seems to use), you can type "wood" into Filter and "tf" into Keywords to find it; it's somewhere near the bottom.