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    Hey, everybody.
    My real name is Alexander, I'm from Ukraine (East Europe), I'm a programmer and I've been playing Team Fortress 2 for 5 years. Here I want to tell you my dev story.

    So, as I said earlier, I was playing tf since 2009. I downloaded a cracked copy of game and could only play on the pirates' servers. Parents won't give me money for 'some game', because it cost a lot in our currency.
    As most of people in this community I liked making custom things for games before my 'tf era'. Crashday, Trackmania, Warcraft 3, Heroes 4, Tony Hawk Underground 2...


    Games like that made my childhood. I made a tone of maps, it seems like i spend more time drawing maps than actually playing the game :)

    I started playing videogames when my father bought me Sony Playstation 1, I was ~7 years old and played many as hell. As time went on, PC became the most desired thing among my friends. I was anoying my father with "Buy me a computer, all my classmates have a computer, so i need one too!". But he was stubborn as as rock. Some time later I came home and "OH MY F***ING GOD!". I thing you guessed what happened.
    But there was one problem. I have a sister and she is 7 years older than me. So I could only use it 1 hour a day.. damnit

    It so happened, that from 2009 to 2010 I was leaving alone. As a present for my birthday I've got a new computer. This is when 'tf era' started for me.


    I liked TF and wanted to make something custom, but there was nothing like "tf_editor_for_guys_who_want_to_make_another_shit_for_this_game.exe" in the root folder. I googled and found native counter strike community. There I met Hammer, majestic and mighty, and many tutorials on how to use it. The best one for me was Tutorials were written for GoldSrc, but there was no big defference. Many "box.vmf"s were created.

    So, after 6 months I bought a licensed copy of tf2 with Source SDK. I was making maps, putting them in some folder, and forgetting about them. This was making me happy.

    In 2012 I found YOU, TF2 mappers community. Of course, I was very excited about it.

    I took part in the MVM contest. My first serious public map was made that time, and I liked it :)


    But it failed. Map layout was bad, maybe because I don't like MVM mode actually.
    Even now layout is what makes my maps shitty.

    My second failure.


    "well, this is shit" - it was a first commentary about this map on a 1 april game. It really is. When 24 players started spawning, I understood - this is fail.
    If you want, try playing it with your friends. 2-10 players is what this map is made for.


    The layout for this map is what I was planing for some long time and I hope you'll like it. Now it is on painting step.
    This might be my last tf2 map.
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Hey, Welcome!
    Thanks for sharing your story with us.

    I wouldn't worry about what people think about your maps, Everyone has a different opinion.
    Don't get bogged down by people saying a April Fool map was bad most of them were, and most of us here don't like playing "joke" maps regular.

    Warm is looking good! Keep it up, put it up for a game day or something, If someone says that it sucks it just because they are probably jealous.
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    I really like where you were going with the mountain theme of your second map, I hope you keep it up!