My Sever Is Being DDOS

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    i have no clue how to start this so im just going to.

    i am the current owner(renter) of two tf2 server hosted by and over the last 10 days my server have been crashing,lagging and just being unuseable, i one server with these guys for the month provise and thats why i stuck with them due to the good connect and such but as i have stated its all just gone out the window since i got a public server that was good for the first week or so and then this happened, at first i thought it might have been justa normal crash or something but when it was off for 2 days solid and today was the real eye opener because i had a match on my server witch was going good untill a major lag spike like it was 5 mins of lag and then it crashed but then we went to there server now a new ip, a differnet country and even a different provider and yet the same thing happened we were in the match and the lag came and then it crashed but both servers were fine during the pregame and after the crash they both were fine now i am just using hlsw and the clan planet user panel is there anyway to help me find the person or even just stop or block him.

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    Not sure if asking for help or just informing us that your server's down...

    At the end of the day it's your host's responsibility to protect its servers from outside attacks and there is little you can do other than make sure you're running the proper software on it to ensure the server remains stable, but i'd expect the server technitians to figure out whether it's something you did or an outside attack.

    If your server is being targeted then your host will have all the connection information etc to resolve it, probably by blocking a particular IP or talking to the respective ISP about who ever is being naughty. But you have to talk to your server host to resolve that. Whether that's putting in a support ticket or phoning their customer support. Have you asked your host whether they are aware your server is being DDoS'd?
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    Sounds more like you have a bad host.