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    I've made sum hats to showcase here since the site about 'the count of poly's' is being retarded. Enjoy...

    How to read this chart: Basically how to read this chart is easy. Each name has a number. Each Description(s) is sorted into numbers that correspond with the name(s). So enjoy and vote for the ones you like!


    1. Keeping Kool

    2. Cone-ilicious!

    3. Wafflicious Waffle Cone

    4. Genuine Gelato...

    5. Comical Cone

    6. Weighty Waffle Cone

    7. Wobbly Waffle Cone

    8. Knicked Ninety-Nine

    9. Conniving Cone

    10. Conceiving Cone

    11. Nifty Ninety-Nine

    12. Seductive Sherbert

    13. Shady Sherbert

    14. Killer Kone

    15. Krazy Kone

    16. Ice Scream


    1. "Why eat it. Just go Slip Slop Slap!"
    "You dropped ur ice cream... on your head!"
    "Keeping you cool, anytime anywhere, best is it never melts! Why? It's a secret."

    3. "Do you like waffles?"

    4. "Its not icecream. Oh no, its sugar-free gelato. Your worst nightmare."
    "Pshhhh, gelato. if only it was Ice Cream"

    2 & 5. "Crunchy, coneshaped and cool, what else do you need?"

    6. "You'll be over 9000... pounds, after these!"
    "Do you like waffles?"

    7. "Don't let it drop, or you'll cry!"
    "Do you like waffles?"

    8. "Stealing, is this is bad. The Reward, better..."
    "You knicked this.... 99 times! You'll soon hit 100"
    "If ninety-nine wasn't enough..."
    "You dropped this 98 times, the 99th, you picked up and licked anyway."
    "You've batted ninety-nine, this is your reward!"

    9 & 10. "You never know, sweet things conceiving!"

    11. "Ninety-nine, a pretty nifty number..."
    "Ninety-nine, your baseball number. And the number of cones you've gone through"
    "If ninety-nine wasn't enough..."
    "You dropped this 98 times, the 99th, you picked up and licked anyway."
    "You've batted ninety-nine, this is your reward!"
    "Prototype #99, 99% Plastic... 1% Plutonium, try it."

    12. "Get everyone jealous, even yourself, because u can't eat this until you win!"
    "Seductive, sleek and frozen!"

    13. "You don't know where this has been, but you licked it and slapped it on your head anyway!"
    "So Shady you don't know what's inside"
    "Sherbert can be tasty, this however is too damn shady to eat!"
    "Sherbert is awesome, this however is shady... DON'T LICK!"

    14."You'll die for this one!"
    "You'll kill for this!"

    15. "You'll be going mad over this!"
    "Krazy like the guy who served it to ya!"
    "You thought bonk made ur head spin. This is worse!"
    "You thought bonk made ur head spin. This is worse! Maybe its the cold, freezing ur brain!"

    16. "Hear the screams of your artwork!"
    "Grass Grows, Birds Fly and Brothar. I hurt People "ARGHHHH" Heh..."
    "Ice Scream.... I think you get the jist."
    "Ice scream... thats it!"
    "You scream, I... laugh!"
    "You scream, I scream, we all scream for Ice Cream"

    Global: "Keeping your head cool in the heat of battle"
    "Sugar Free, Fat Free, Ice Cream free. Why? Cause, it's plastic."
    "Don't take a bite, it's poisoned! Only joking.... It's frozen pesticides"
    "When ur feeling crazy... Just wear it!"
    "Every time you kill someone, take a lick, it's your reward!"
    "This never melts, why? It's a secret."
    "90% Plutonium, 5% Sugar, 4% Fat, 1% Plastic. MMMMM Tasty!"
    "5% Plutonium, 5% Sugar, 90% Plastic."
    "5% Plutonium, 5% Sugar, 90% Plastic. That's why it never melts!"
    "Brain freeze! Literally!"
    "Freeze your brain, forever!"
    "Stop your development! And stay fast! By freezing your brain, with this!"
    "Stay alert with this thing keeping you awake on the battlefield. Even in death!"
    "Cool, cold and air conditioning for your body!"
    "Don't make the mistake, this is is dead cold!"
    "You thought ur dead cold hands are bad... Try your head!"
    "Feeling cold? Thought so..."

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    Could use more work.
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    What is this? Ice cream on scouts heads... Please make something more apropriated, because it looks like scouts is being a funky retard carrying an ice cream cone on his head. Make a hat, like fedora's. Something....
    Also at the Beginning of the page, I didn't understand a damn thing.. What is the text is refering to?
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    You have all that detail in the actual ice-cream, but it just spends its time lodged in the scouts head. May I suggest that you make an actual hat for the scout, and put an ice-cream cone on top (the right way up) in the same way you would put a feather in.
    The style of hat I'm thinking of:

    Conversely you could do this :3
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    I want that hat :S