My Intro - Old Time Mapper...LOL

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    Hello all,
    I am Uni and I started mapping back in the TFC days, but stopped for some time. Back then I belonged to DDT (Detroit Demolition Team). I created levels like Compute This, Compute This 2, LOF and LOF1.5, and Hellraiser. My team kept me really busy. About two or more years ago I purchased TF2 and started map making during my spare time. The levels I have created so far are ComputeThis2 (completely re-done for TF2), Your2Big, and Space Station Alpha and Beta. My kids mainly play TF2, but I am on sometimes. That is about it unless I left something out, let me know...

    Thank you,
    formerly -=DDT=-Unimatrix001
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    Was Compute This the inside of a desktop computer? I remember playtesting such a map at DoE.