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    I'm TRLEChippers (although I usually just go by Chippers nowadays), I've been playing TF2 since 2009 and I started mapping in 2011. Since then I've released several maps and created hundreds more (most of which are unreleased). I did a cinema map for the Lifepunch server community (for which I got a sweet $200), and contributed to the recent "Garry's Mall" collab project. I've also done a few other major map projects including a Garry's Mod recreation of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" concert and a post-apocalyptic Home Counties town, and one of my maps was used as the inspiration for part of a TF2 comic that was linked to on the official blog. (Although I was a bit confused as to how the Sniper had seemingly teleported from the New Mexico Badlands to a tunnel somewhere under London...)

    I've been meaning to make a proper TF2 map for some time now, and the Love and War update has (somehow) given me the motivation to do it. So keep an eye out for the first few pictures of cp_battersea - a 1 round, 3 capture point map based in Wandsworth, near the power station. (You can probably tell which city I'm from by now). Also check out my portfolio - it's a bit outdated but hopefully it should give you an idea of what I'm capable of.

    Hope to see you all in the Steam group/chat soon!
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    Looking at the pictures of your other maps, I really want to see this map!
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