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Mann Co is under attack in the mayan Yucatan

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    mvm_yucatan - Mann Co is under attack in the mayan Yucatan

    Official description
    Did you know Mann Co had a secret plutonium storage facility hidden in the Andes mountains? We didn't, but the robots do! And they want to blow it up! The Administrator wants you to defend this place from those metallic freaks.
    As much as Soldier tried to conceal the base, the robots wouldn't let the mastermind behind the Decoy base fool them a second time!

    We know it makes no sense to store plutonium somewhere in the Andes, especially since Yucatan isn't even in the Andes, but who cares?

    Extra notes
    Some of you may know I was working on the same map, but with my own textures. Those textures were not TF2-style enough for most players and weren't received well. I experimented and failed, which is fine. I accept that so I redid it entirely with the cp_antiquity textures.

    Also, due to a bug on Valve's side, custom robot HUD icons won't show up unless you install them manually. Put them in the tf/materials/hud folder.
    You don't have to do this, the map will work fine if you don't. But the custom HUD icons will show as missing purple checkerboard textures which doesn't look pretty.

    Special thanks
    - Alias: for making the waves
    - Hydrogen: for testing and providing me with plenty of advise
    - E-Arkham: for allowing me to use the Antiquity textures
    - Heyo: for letting me use the Borneo trees
    - Neya: for the loud explosion sound
    - The models of the smaller jungle plants were made by someone whom I don't remember the name of. If these are yours, please let me know.
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    thanks Snowbat!
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