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    I have 2 requests that would really help with the finalization of mvm_underground. I am currently busy making many minor edits to the map and game logic as well as major changes to the .pop files and all the other crazy work that comes with making an MVM map. Therefore, if someone could help with some minor modeling jobs, it would really take a load off my back.

    First off, I have skybox textures that I need applied to skycard models. There are 4 sets of 4 textures that I need applied to 4 separate models as 4 skins. The reason I need models for this is because layering transparency doesn't render well on brushes within the source engine, and also the tree skycards have this nice edging to them that I think you can only get with a texture applied to a model.

    If someone feels they're up to the task, I'll send you the .rar of all 32 vtf's and vmt's as well as a specific set of instructions detailing the scaling of each model.

    Here's how the full skybox should look:


    Secondly, because I've been told that this map needs supports to reinforce that it's underground, It'd really be nice to have a modular truss model to sprinkle throughout. There are already truss details in the skybox I painted, so it really will fit in. 256 x 256 hammer units square with 1024 height (constituting two trusses of 512 height, alternating direction) would be great. Please make sure it matches the coloring and style of the existing truss mineshaft used in Bigrock that the bots come out of, and is similar to the design of what you can see in the skybox image above.

    I'm asking you guys for help because I've seen many dedicated modelers working on huge sets of props for maps, and it'd really be great to have that same assistance from the community. I've already had help from 3 different server hosts in testing the map about 13 times so far, and have gotten huge sets of helpful feedback that have drastically improved this map since alpha 1.

    If you have any other questions on what needs to be done or how else you might be able to help, just PM me on here or contact me on Steam.