Mvm update broken triggers?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Roundcat, Aug 24, 2012.

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    I have several problems with my custom map builds now that mvm has updated all the game files.

    The most annoying is that my door triggers have become intermittent and laggy - also my push triggers are no longer functioning properly.

    Has anyone else had any issues?

    Also try editing the object.txt file in your tf/scripts foldr to enable building more than one sentry. The result is that triggers blow up the sentry if you try and carry them through it and also it enables not just the number of sentries you have specified but an unlimited number of sentries. Hundreds if you choose.

    Any ideas folks?
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    MVM has broken a lot of things.

    I had a very nice key sequence coded (worked 100%) into a payload map and it wiped all my game logic. When I removed the key's the game lgice game back - but it now forces me to do a complete rebuild of some of my cap points.

    I submitted a support ticket to valve but they just came back and said they only do steam issues and we're interested in passing my info along to the developers. I think they fucked up with theire game types and overwrote their game type 4 with something esle instead of creating game type 5 which could also explain one of the reasons they've ben having stability issues.