MvM Popfile Syntax w/ Notepad++

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    Based off the forum post located here, and thanks to Turbo Lover for finding the original thread. All credit goes to Deanykong.

    So the thread above is a little bit dated, and I didn't feel like necroing that thread while the OP had false information. Here is how to have highlighted syntax in popfiles with Notepad++.

    First step is to download the .xml with all the syntax. You can grab the pastebin here. Either download it or copy/paste it into a text document. Resave the document as an .xml file.

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    Open up the User Defined Language box and select "Input" then find where you saved your .xml. Secondly, open the drop down box and select your .xml.

    Close out of Notepad++ and open up a popfile, and all the syntax should be highlighted!
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    Worth noting this syntax is old hat and is missing stuff like ItemAttributes, but modifying it to include these isn't hard.
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