MvM: Players unable to move and have no weapons

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    [Solved] MvM: Players unable to move and have no weapons

    Good morning world, ran into a strange issue and can't figure out what's causing it:

    Upon spawning you have no weapons and can't move. After using noclip to move just an inch you can walk fine.
    You have no weapons. When touching the upgrade station you see no weapons (except gunsboats and similar).

    Otherwise, the map works fine. No errors while compiling. No errors in console. Robots can walk, deploy the bomb and win just fine.
    I have checked and think that I have all entities necessary (copied from mvm_example). mvm_exaple does not have the issue, so nothing in the game changed.

    Downloads if needed: .zip
    nav mesh
    vmf source
    pop file for testing (spawns a single heavy. goes into SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population)
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    Player get stuck when you put the info_player_teamspawn entity too close to the ground. Move it off the ground by about 16 Hammer units and people will be able to walk freely.

    As for the no weapons part: I have no clue what's going on there. Sorry for that.
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    The only time I have had this problem is when the player spawns inside of world geometry. I tested your map with the spawn points raised a few units, and I did not have any problems.

    Edit: Also, the bomb pit is raised a bit too high. Just thought you might like to know that.
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    If your'e stuck in a brush, then you'll turn into civilian mode, so your weapons will disappear.
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