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    In the realm of TF2Maps, we've got a great selection of MvM maps, yet only one seems to be Medieval MvM--And probably for good reasons. But we're not going to get into the pros / cons of that matter.

    Instead, I would rather look into how to improve the game mode. Yes, Medieval Mode + Mann VS Machine. I'm designing my take on a map with this as the core. However, I need help.

    As I prepared the map's blueprints, I thought of everything that Hillside or DeGroot's Keep are lacking: There are very little new things done with the map outside the core. So I expanded a chain of ideas, and these are the ones I came up with:

    - Engineers need a role. The map will let Engineers-only set up Dispenser barriers to block off some areas of the map for the robots to re-route, or simply try to destroy the dispenser. The Dispenser would be tagged as the one who set it up, so if they switch to another class the Dispenser would disappear.
    - Spells are awesome. Instead of Canteens (which the map would remove upon spawn), all players could use Spellbooks instead. Some robots would randomly spawn with a spellbook entity tied to them, and when killed they'd drop it (though I don't know how to do this).
    - Deployable "catapults" for robots to use. Triggering a map event in the pop file would send a catapult vehicle onto the map. This catapult could launch robots (or players!) somewhere far away. A robot could be inside driving said vehicle, additionally labeled "Support" in the popfile. Maybe this robot-driver could distinguish between humans and robots, only flinging robots if alive, and if defeated the humans can use the catapult too. This catapult could be destroyed outright by attacking it.
    - Player controlled buffs. Maybe there could be CPs around the map only players can cap to get buffs that last temporarily throughout the wave. Maybe there could be an intel/flag entity the player could carry with a buff parented to it.
    - Map triggered entities for robots. Adding a sawblade to a tank. Toggling a trigger that enables the Disciplinary Action speed boost for robots only.

    Those are my ideas. I am spit-balling mostly, I hope some will stick.

    I know there are a lot of creative and talented people here, and I'm here to pick your brains! Please, I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Thank you.