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    Had a few questions, not seeking someone to implement or spend more than 2 minutes replying what I'm asking about, but more so to help point me in the right direction so I can do it myself. Already know how to use Hammer and vScript from CS:GO, just need some guidance for TF2.

    1) Do MvM AI take up player slots or is there an AI budget they use?

    2) Can I put MvM AI on a third team, I don't know if "Gray" is a team option given the lore. I want to have Red Players vs Blu Players with a mix of some Gray Machines that are neutral to attack either team.
    -- I suppose for my needs, I could just make a regular Red vs Blu map, and spawn the Robot AI as that teams color. Which lead to the next question...

    3) Can I change a MvM AI team / model on the fly while they're alive or can this lead to issues in the long run?

    4) I don't need any of the MvM mechanics other than having Robots spawn since I'm going to make my own, should I do a MvM map or regular TDM map as I'm guessing both load different assets / environments?

    Thanks in advance!
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    1) Yes, each bot uses 1 player slot. And with 6 players this means 26 slots for bots. However there are side notes:
    Sentry busters also take up a player slot, and as long as 1 is needed it will take that slot. For this reason you should keep 6 of them free. However, since its very unlikely that all of them get a buster 2 should be enough. Just make sure you arent going to make a single wavespawn with 24 enemies. 20 is the max you should use on that, and better would be 2x10 in that case due to 10vm.

    2) You cant, those features are currently only for those skeletons.

    3) never tried and dont even know if you can

    4) when you make it mvm you can use a popfile to spawn bots, but it also restricts you in the team you can play. Once its mvm you can only join red and all bots will join blue. Its only possible using a server mod as then you can alter that restriction and enforce players to join blue. But that would mean that a server is required to have that mod to make your map work.
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