Murphy's law

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    OK, so I was thinking that it might be fun to post our experiences with the infamous Murpheys law. Here is mine, that just happened tonight...

    My FIRST FRC robotics team was holding a LAN party as a fundraiser. I am in charge of the PC section. We decide to make a complicated sign-up sheet for various game, and time blocks. We were to play TF2, L4D2, Starcraft 2, etc... You get the point. So, its about 5 minutes until we open the doors. We just got all the computers plugged in, and out goes the power. We blew the breaker! My friend quickly got a custodian, and we re-distributed the power (8 computers on one circuit-bad idea). First crisis averted. So, we got it all up and running, and were ready in a few minutes. We go to start Starcraft 2. updater pops up. Shit. Ok, we say, let it update. We come back a few minutes, and no progress has been made. It was then when we realized that the school firewall was blocking P2P connections, and there was no chance we were gona get it working. So, we decided to switch over to TF2. Steam is updating. Shit. Then we realized that the school firewall was blocking ALL non HTTP connections. So, we switched everything over to Starcraft1, and Supreme Commander, and various single player games. Another person happened to be a networking wizard, and we hooked up their Iphone3G to a netbook, which we hooked it a computer, which we dual Ethernet to a switch, which went to the other computer. So, now we had internet. Lets start updating SC2! Then we realized that it was a monster update, and with 4 computers all running it on 3G at the same time was not realistic. By then, it was time to go.

    "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

    Have you guys got any stories involving our good friend Murphy and his law?
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    You should zerg rush your principle for being a dick with the networks.
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    I glued buttered toad to the back of my cat then proceeded to fly around until I got eaten by Dogbread.
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    Murphy's law is that "If it can go wrong, it will." The difference being that one indicates definitive failure, while the other indicates any shortcuts or flaws will result in failure.
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    When I was 7, my brother, 2 friends and I were screwing around and throwing rocks at random stuff (it was near a really, really REALLY small creek, there was nothing to break anyways).

    Naturally, someone screwed up and I got hit in the teeth by a rock, which was pegged full-pelt. Lesson: Any idea involving throwing rocks near other people is A REALLY REALLY BAD ONE.

    I'm going to get implants when I'm ~21. meanwhile, root canal surgery's been a bitch.

    I WIN! (or do I lose?)