KotH Municipality A1

RED and BLU brawl at a government building. Makes more sense than a pile of rocks.

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    Municipality - RED and BLU brawl at a government building. Makes more sense than a pile of rocks.

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    Heya! I ran around your map for a bit and here are some potential issues that I found:

    This spawn has 2 exits that lead to the same place which can be spawncamped easily. Also the doors rise too slowly for a scout to run through them without getting caught (maybe try 600 speed)

    Odd space back here that doesn't seem to serve a purpose

    There some z fighting here with the dev textures and the road, you could fix this by clipping the edge of the dev texture brush to match the edges of the road. If that sounds like too much then don't be afraid to remove it, you're in alpha stage so small details shouldn't matter.

    Walking straight up here leads players to fall down into that gap. Most players do like to hold the w button, so they wont be happy when they right back down.

    A sniper right here can shut down a good portion of the map, but I'd test it in an imp before changing it.

    This area is pretty empty

    These doors should have the texture with the noentry sign on them as players may think that they open

    This building may be overpowered for defenders as they have the high ground and all the attackers will be forced to go through the low ground.

    Maybe add a skull sign to better indicate the death pit

    You can sticky jump up here!

    Also there aren't really many hp or ammo kits on this map, maybe add another set

    Anyway, this map has some really nice looking brushwork around the central building; but you should emphasize gameplay over style points, so don't be afraid to cull anything if you think it'll improve gameplay. Remember to add the map to the bot on discord to get it tested.

    Happy mapping!
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