Multi monitor setup for gaming

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    So...I have some questions for you multi monitor people...I know your lurking somewhere on the forum...

    First off, whenever I open up a program in full screen on one monitor then try to do something in the other monitor it minimizes the program in full screen. This would be in reference to something like a movie. There has to be someway around seems like such a key reason for having 2 monitors.
    Second, when I open tf2 or L4D (only games ive tried) on full screen it warps the other display, it makes it primarily gray and shrinks the windows a bit. And like with the movie, any attempt to use the other screen just results in the fullscreen one minimizing.
    Obviously with these I can just go and run them in a window that extends across the whole screen, but there has to be a better way.
    I am using nvidia's nview for the setup if that is important.
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    Download DisplayFusion, tons of useful shortcuts.
    Run l4d and tf2 is windowed, noborder mode.
    Get a lot of ram to help with all of it.
    I've been using multiple monitors for two years now and I'm addicted. Use the second as a supplement rather than another main- put all your gadgets, your Steam friends, your primary folders all on the supplementary one, and then work on your main/bigger monitor. Use displayfusion's ctrl+win+x shortcut to quickly move windows around.
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    wow thanks
    I hooked a old 17" screen now.