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    Hi all

    Ive been going through the tutorials etc but Im struggling to find instructions how to set a train up.

    Basicall I want to have a train just in the background that just runs every so often passed the main area of the map (so it wont hit players or anything.. its just background thing)

    Id like to get the alarms and lights to work with this also.

    Any help welcome. Hopefully tonight I'll look at some of the valve maps and see if I can break them apart to see how they do it.

    thanks in advance

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    You will definitely want to look at the Well maps, either ctf or cp; The simple answer is you will create a physics box that acts as the moving part. After attaching train models to it, everything else is done via triggers: warning lights, bells, time intervals for moving, etc. When looking at the Valve maps, it really helps to turn off vis-groups for everything you don't need. In this case, you can uncheck Clips, Func Detail, and World Geometry. Just make sure you then fully turn whatever the category is for Brush Entities. A gray checkmark means the vis-group is only partially active. Hope this helps :)
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