Moving cloud texture?

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    Hey guys,

    I know this isn't exactly maps related, but I thought this would probably be the best place to ask! I'm working on a few little filler videos for various competitions we're casting at VanillaTV, and I've got a small clip I'm doing in SFM.

    I'm using pl_upward, and what I'd like to do is having some white clouds slowly floating by in the sky. It doesn't have to be a true sky texture that can fill the whole 2D skybox, just something I can put inside the 3D skybox and animate to move that'll look decent.

    Is there any texture, custom or otherwise that would fill this role well?

    Cheers, Adam

    edit: I sincerely apologise and have just realised this is the wrong forum section, please move it to wherever is most relevant. Done! --yyler
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    What you're looking for is a model called props_skybox/skybox_dome03. There's a front, mid, and back variant; just pick whatever has the clouds on it you like.
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    2fort has moving clouds, it uses clouds with an alpha on the inside of a rotating cylinder. I suppose you could use a scrolling texture, but this way you can control the speed.

    Func_rotating, IIRC, is broken still. So you'll have to use momentary_rot_button.

    I have an example map here: but it looks like the vmf wasn't included, but nothing a vmex (Nem's tool) decompile wouldn't resolve if you want to look at the I/O's.