CP mountains

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    A new map by the great Valeria!

    It is a small 3 cp map that is designed for a lot of z fighting on mid and will be my first map I will keep developing
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    why do you hate nonjumpers so
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    I'll preface this by saying that I haven't actually played the map, but I'm going to leave some feedback on what I can tell from the screenshots.

    Your most apparent issue is overscaling - there just isn't enough layout happening for the square footage your map is taking up. If you were to take your current layout and change the scaling of things down to something more suitable to tf2, you'd end up with something kinda like this:


    Obviously not ideal - the distance between cps is way too small! You need to stick some more stuff in, somewhere, somehow to make the map "work." Scaling is really important, but it also takes a long time to master - try and get it as good as you can now, but don't expect it to be perfect.

    Other obvious issue is the sightlines, but that comes hand in hand with bad scaling. However, I'd stick some more cover in. If you're walking down a cliff-side path, you're very exposed, and you can't hide from anyone who comes to attack you - usually meaning you're dead, if they get the jump on you.