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Mountain Town

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Wishmaster!, Sep 15, 2009.

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    This is the ex "avanti" some user sugested to change the name, because its already used.

    Now its called "Moutain Town" or mountown for short

    For the moment, i keep the map in beta stage, mapping takes a lot of time, and now i must have enough to resolve some personal problems.
    At least the map is almost finished, but this map has demostrated to be an kick in the ****, there are a lot of mistakes, really long compile time (Vvis), brushes with odd numbers, overlaping brushes, etc.
    All was made "on the fly" and caused most of the problems.

    I hope i get more feedback than the last time.

    So far, this going to be one of my last post here, until i resolve my problems :blushing:
  2. PL-7764

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    Looks pretty good from the screenies. Is this a straight-up reproduction of Avanti from TFC? That's one of my favorite classic maps, and while I've seen one TF2 version it used scenery in the same style as TFC, which didn't really work in the TF2 setting.

    I'll have to give this a run-through.
    The only thing that bugs me in particular from the screenshots is that the church (was the church in TFC anyway) looks very plain right now. Do you intend to update it with more features, perhaps pews inside like in the original? It's very monochrome at this point. But since you said this is still in its early stages I can fully understand that.

    Now you've made me want to go play TFC again. :p

    EDIT: Okay, I just played around with it a little, and here are some more thoughts:

    -The whole thing feels a little small to me. Maybe that's just because of the transformation from TFC to TF2 though - it still feels like it should hopefully play as well as the TFC one size-wise.
    -Points took FOREVER to cap... Perhaps the capture time could be lowered to something more reasonable? Or, if you can figure out how, you could even use the new A/D CTF setup and make it really behave like the old map. I've seen it done - now implement it here for excellent results! ;)
    -The awning near the first CP can easily be jumped to, but is player-clipped to keep people off of it. Perhaps it should be opened up for people to use, or made into something more obviously inaccessible, like a building that stretches above the platform? I don't see it as being a problem if people are able to access it.
    -There are a couple of texture issues near BLU's spawn. At the outside rear corner of the spawn building and in one of the corners of one of the walls furthest from the exit into the main area, there are a couple of thin spots where you can see through to the skybox. Sorry for no pictures, but taking them, converting them, uploading them, and linking to them is kind of a hassle for me. :( I'll get some if you think you need them.

    That's it for now ... keep going, I like this so far! :)
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