Mountain Top

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    Alpha 1 of my 5 CP map, Mountain Top. (Alpine)

    Known issues:
    - MAP NAME IS ####_A2. It's still the first alpha :)
    - Final CP area (pretty much c&p a lot from well) is a filler for now.
    - Some corners are no draw'd. (forgot to clip them before compile, it's not a big deal though)
    - No displacement work has been done.
    - Minimal detailing.
    - The trucks sitting around along with the metal walls on the walk ways are just temporary cover.
    - Some doorways / hallways are not clipped, sorry if you get stuck some. There's not much detail however.
    - Some spawn door props don't like to open after this compile, but you can still move through them if they are your team's doors.

    A4 Changes:
    - Cover added to last point, and last point is higher off the ground so the defends do not have height advantage.
    - Courtyards around the base and 4th / 2nd cp is smaller.
    - 1 Whole alternate route was removed. (The area near the 4th / 2nd cap)
    - Cover a la Fastlane was added to the middle point.
    - Cover was added in the tunnels to prevent sniping from across the map.
    - Cover added on the tracks to prevent sniping from across the map.
    - HP / Ammo added to the middle.
    - More signs added.
    - All doors should be working visually now.
    - A lot of corners have been un nodrawn.
    Influenced by Badlands.
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    Looks nice, but I noticed something in picture two:

    On the stairs that leads to that water tower thing, it looks like the stairs are just hanging in mid-air.
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    I haven't come up some good supports.

    Everything I've tried has looked either really un realistic or too cluttered.

    For now, they're floating.

    My friend suggested this to me:

    Teal circle = fix / fill up

    Red line = new border

    Red spray = removed

    A4 is upnow