Mountain Edge

PL Mountain Edge A14

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Jan 30, 2021
-=38 days since a11 mmreeugaHhhhhHHHH=-

Changed Map Layout Entirely
Changed Map Layout Entirely [Execpt thr first area]
Changed Map Layout Entirely

^Changed everyone's respawn buildings
^Changed the Skybox
^Changed the Single Stage Payload logic to Multi Stage

Optimization [poorly done, but will edit it]

Fixed stuff that is broken from a11

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Jan 30, 2021
- Fixed Some Terrible Clip Works
- Changed a few things in the BLU First Spawn Area
- removed some props
- moved the barrel that covers sightlines
- added a wall to cover sightline idk
- moved the Floating Cow

- Removed that weird box 'office' thing with glass in Red Spawn Building
- Moved Red's Spawn Points
- New Area and an Exit for Red's First Stage Spawn
- Two new Area Portals in the last point
- Payload Rail Prop Fade 'Optimization' on the First Stage [half of em done]
- Func-Detailed the building on the background on the Second Stage, Last Point
- Lowered the light_enviroment, so snipers can see their laser sight crosshair thing
- Changed the Fog Color [not for 3d skybox]
- Textured a building
- Payload Rollback Zones fixed
- Cart will be now slow if its on a rollback zone

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Jan 30, 2021
- Art Pass'd half of the map
textured the one of the dev texture building
- Changed some stuff in the First Stage, BLU spawn area or more.
- Fixed Red Players able to open the door in the First Blu Spawn
- Fixed the Skybox Train
it's not sticking out of the tunnel
it's not floating anymore while going
it's not fast anymore

- Fixed VERY NOTICEABLE BLACK Texture in the First Stage
- Added missing pickup overlays
- Added a new exit/area for Red team in first stage
- Added a Medium health-kit in the Second Stage
- Reduced some Arrow Signs...????
- some stuff i forgot adding this list

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Mar 19, 2021
Are you gonna update this map anymore or have you moved onto other projects?