Most fun-to-play-in areas in in-game maps?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Deodorant, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Hello again. Contrary to what you may think, I haven't completely quit mapping. Well, I've mapped extremely little during the time I've been gone, mostly because I'm too sick of Sanitarium to enjoy detailing it.

    Anyway, I'm thinking about beginning on my second map, and I started thinking about what - geometry-wise - makes an area enjoyable to play in. I figure this is a kind of issue that a lot of us might benefit from hearing each other's opinions on. So, which areas in in-game maps do you find enjoyable to play in, and why?

    I personally really like all the funky multileveledness and weird back routes of Upward in general, and the wooden bridge under the spiralling part of the track in particular. It's a really interesting use of three-dimensional space, and having it surrounded by deathpit rather than walls adds a nice spice to any combat going on there.
    I also really like the concept behind the hill area in Kong King, even though I don't particularly enjoy the map otherwise. The way it transitions into two different areas on different height levels is simple but brilliant.

    Ah, and I hope a bunch of threads like this haven't been made already. I can't remember seeing any, but it seems like an idea many people could get.
  2. LeSwordfish

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    I have an inordinate fondness for Granary's mid, completely out of proportion to the rest of it.
  3. Tarry H Sruman

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    I love Badwater's last, mostly because of how the really major choke point just before it breaks off into all the different routes around the one big ass-pit.
  4. Spacek531

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    I'm sure a lot of people disagree, but 2fort's courtyard is fun: 2 entrances below which lead under a balcony, and two ways to get up, one which is closer to the objective but easier to be discovered, and one which is further from the objective and harder to be discovered.
  5. Micnax

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    All of Hydro.

    But seriously, I do love the dish from Hydro.
  6. Faux Rhinoceros

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    Harvest's mid and surroundings, because it allows ultimate freedom of movement across the rooftops. That's something that is tricky to do, and have been executed in a quite simple way there.
  7. TMP

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    Thundermountain last, upward 3rd-4th region, and mountainlab 1 are probably my favorite areas in TF2 officially.
  8. EArkham

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    Surprising to even myself, I really like the middle area of ctf_turbine. Especially as scout, pyro or sniper (my 3 mains -- go figure!).

    1st stage of pl_goldrush overall is quite fun, especially the 2nd point.

    Entirety of pl_badwater is great.
  9. Idolon

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    -all of Upward
    -last stage of Thundermountain
    -all of Gorge/5gorge
    -Hightower mid
  10. tyler

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  11. Sergis

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    gorge roof was fun to both attack and hold before it got raped
  12. Burnout6010

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    If you speak about Gorge A/D, there's still a way to surprise BLU when you are on Defense... you know that weapon you never used called the Detonator ? You know you can get to high areas with it ?
    Well there's a little platform near that second BLU spawn which helps you go up with the Detonator.

    Backburner recommended
  13. phi

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    Badlands mid and second points (not much of a fan of last), Upwards first, third, and last points (second is alright but not that fun), Mountain Lab first and second points, Gullywash second point, pretty much all of Gravel Pit period, and Steel is a pretty fun map overall. Hydro is a blast to play when playing with the right people, otherwise it's pretty much the stalemate kingdom. Barnblitz third point is alright, too, a little much on the height side but it's interesting.

    Also Offblast.
  14. AppleJim

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    Badlands mid and second. The map accommodates quite well for each class. There's just enough cover at mid so that a medic can be protected, but not enough for sniping to be a bad choice. The left flank for the attacking team is one of my favourite aspects of tf2 mapping. Playing as spy, I can use that for powerful positioning. I guess I like 3rd and 2nd because of how different a play style they force upon both teams. But most importantly - spires.
  15. Prestige

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    definitely badlands mid/2nd, pretty much mapping perfection there. first half of gorge is good. entirety of gpit is lots of fun but C and B can occasionally get tiresome. arctic's mid is a lot of fun - much better than viaduct. most of hightower is really fun.
  16. grazr

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    2forts entrance with the whole in the ceiling with the grate is pretty genious layout design if you ask me. That drop down adds all kinds of dynamics to entering the base. People who think it's an impossible trap to overcome are just bad players.

    Also, hydro's dish? Pfft. It may look nice but it plays like arse and is probably the worst part of the map gameplay wise.

    I actually really enjoy defending gravelpit C. I'm not sure whether that's because it's actually genuinely hard or because it tends to be a steam roll after the previous capture.