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    For a bit of context, please refer to this thread first:

    So I got new computer recently, and whenever I tried to launch hammer, I got the error: "gameinfo.txt is missing". So after after a bit of trouble shooting, I figured out that I had to manually go into the "GameConfig.txt" and change all instances of C:/ drive to D/: drive. After that hammer worked fine.

    The problem is that whenever I tried to launch the hammer editor in Half life 2 option instead tf2, I got the same error despite the fact that I had changed the directory's for both games.

    Error: D:\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Team fortress 2\Hl2\Gameinfo.txt is missing.

    As always, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    In Half-Life 2's "GameDir" section in your GameConfig.txt file, change the Hl2 part to just bin, as there is no gameconfig in the hl2 folder that TF2 comes with.

    If you're trying to map for HL2, I'd recommend changing all the paths for the HL2 portion of GameConfig to point to Half-Life 2 instead of Team Fortress 2 in your common folder, or just use the version of Hammer that HL2 comes with.
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