More cubemap problems... again

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    I have a map with 2 windows 2 large bodies of water and 2 small puddles for pyro sharks but when under water I see missing textures same for window reflections. When above the water i see floating dirt partials from the water lod control anyway to fix that? At certain view angles the water goes to low resolution then when i can see the majority of it it changes to high detail.

    what exactly should I be doing with the cube maps other than placing them?

    Other info that may be important
    3D Skybox
    No map Leaks
    1 cube map per window so far
    1 cube map per body of water
    Rotational symmetry
    3 CP
    water texture dev/dev_water2
    glass texture glass/window001a

    I'm leaving for a camping trip today and i'd like to get back to mapping asap when i get back thx for the help :)
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    Try using a water texture that belongs to tf2 (use tf in the keywords section of the material browser).

    Beside actually placing the cubemap entities you have to build cubemaps ingame after compiling your maps. To do this, follow this tutorial:
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