Moonshine Joe

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Omnia, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Well, here it is. Monshine Joe! :blink:

    Please take a look and then hit me with pure and refreshing feedback.

    Showbudget showes spikes for Dynamic Light Rendering in the first part of the map. can´t find the problem. Maybe you can?

    Once you're on the download page for the file that you want to download, simply click the "Click here to start download..." link to start the download.
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    Uh... I could go for some pics before I download it...
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    Downloaded it to check it out and here are my thoughts

    First, I think the map is just way too big. It takes forever to push to the cart without any RED trying to kill me. I think you definitely need to cut down on the distance and general size of the map.

    Second, you seem to have a lot of ERROR red signs displaying on the map. I am not entirely sure what causes those, maybe you are not packing your custom models with pakrat?

    Third, the looping around on the second floor in the warehouse kinda seems counter productive. As blue it feels like I have just wasted a bunch of time to go no where.

    The ramp leading up after that is a little bit narrow, I cant even stand to one side of the cart.

    The map just in general seems to have a LOT of straight lines and tends to be very square, this feels kinda boring and uninteresting. Try adding some more curves to the geometry to break things up a bit more.

    I do like the general theme, and I think that if you can fix up a lot of the size issues the base concept has potential! Best of luck. :)
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    I forgot to pack my models :cursing:
    It´s done now. New file is up.
    Thanks man for the reminder! :thumbup:
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    One of the first things I noticed, was the HL2 textures in Blu spawn, you might want to take those out and replace them with some tf2 models (crates perhaps?) Also in the blu spawn the stairs had some nice brushwork but they seemed way to large, and the area they opened into didn't really seem that worth it to go. The doorways also felt a tad short.

    On the outside, I saw the pipeline Idea and I liked that. However the extremely long payload track looks like its going to cause problems. The map in general looks way too big, like Chaopsychochick said. I personally felt that the sides where the cart goes are going to be completely unused. Also a few areas just seem bland. The giant silos, while cool, seem more a problem then a thing to help defence, it's just way too large to use effectively. Also it looks like Red would have problems defending since there is such little cover.

    The warehouse was interesting, the concept is good, multifloor fighting but the way its setup now it just seems so bland. The hundreds of props most likely wont be great for optimization as well. Its basically looking like I would fight in Big Room #1, then 2 and so on.

    I know this is beta but, the explosion was confusing, what did I blow up, what value did it have? There was also no indication to it, it just went boom on the tracks randomly.

    -The alternate exits at blu spawn made opening sounds in setup when i got close to them
    -Blu can open the red spawn doors at the train depot spawn in the first cap
    -last red spawns have invisible doors

    Overall, interesting concept, try to resize your map and try to generate more cover and heights for the teams.