Modeling Question: Skins to Models?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by bob+M|M+, Dec 1, 2010.

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    So I'm new to XSI. Basically I want to know if it is possible to use a skin, such as this one:

    and convert it into a model with all the respective soldier animations, so that I could use it as a prop_dynamic NPC.

    anyone know about this?
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  2. tyler

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    I didn't look at the skin files, but there should be some way to take them and compile a new soldier model using them. I'm mostly just not sure how client mods like that work, but I am sure it's possible.

    But make sure you get permission from that person first.
  3. Khuntza

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    You can't make a model from a skin/texture..

    You could apply that skin to the existing soldier model and use the existing animations.. all that link is, is a few vtf files that replace the existing soldier textures. There is no uvw or any other information contained that can be used for any sort of conversion. All that information is included in the model files themselves..

    Perhaps what you are getting at is how to extract and use the soldier model? has relevant information on extracting models

    Making into an npc is something I have no idea about..
  4. Seba

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    Decompile the soldier .mdl and recompile with the custom texture and a different name. If you use the exact same .qc, bones, etc. it should behave exactly like a standard soldier model.