Model is compiling but collision file is never created.

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    I have a qc file and all the SMD's required including my collision model all exported from Maya8.5 and when I drop the QC into the OB compiler it compiles just fine, I can even import the model into a map just fine but on compiling it never makes the collision file.

    To make sure the file isn't erroring on compiling I checked the compilers output to see if it was giving me an error for my collision.smd file and instead it just says collision model complete and moves onto the rest of the files.

    Has anyone else had this issue or knows what I'm doing wrong? I know I could just put a player clip over the model but I am collaborating with a friend to make a full TF2 Map with original textures and models and we can't afford to use all player clips on the models.

    also if you have exported models before and have used maya and have a tutorial you used to get it done please post a link that way I can use the tutorials to back track and make sure its all being done properly.

    QC file:

    $modelname "WB_bridge1-1.mdl"

    $cdmaterials "bridge"
    $scale 2.54
    $surfaceprop "Wood_Solid"
    $body "Body" "WB_bridge1-1"
    $sequence idle "WB_bridge1-1_idle" loop fps 1
    $collisionmodel "WB_bridge1-1_phy.smd"
    $mass 1
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    Did you see my tutorial on this very message board? You can find it here:
    I also used Maya 8.5 for my model-building. However, I ran my models through XSI Mod Tool afterward.

    If I were to make a guess I'd imagine your collision model isn't made up of one single concave shape. If your collision model is more than one shape, all shapes must be concave, and they must each belong to their own smoothing groups. Check my tutorial to see how your process compares.

    Also, I'm quite interested in what you're using to export .SMD files from Maya. I've been hoping for a way to remove XSI Mod Tool from my process, because I'm not too fond of the program.
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    I used two squares and they are combined and smoothed to a 180 degree angle using the normal smooth function in maya, I have followed your tutorial but I may not be understanding a part of it correctly as for exporting the files from maya there is a perfect tool already out there let me get you a link.

    Edit: AH HA! I went back and noticed you have your shapes separate on the collision model, I will go back and try and see if that works or at least gets me to another problem or issue.

    So far its worked wonders, its just that I keep makeing small mistakes that completely screw the end result up, which is frustrating when you have a ton of models that need to be imported.
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