Model fixes and new textures needed for unused beta assets

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L2: Junior Member
Jun 10, 2015
I am currently working on a project wherein I am using some of the assets recovered from the SFM beta which include the old Badlands map.
Because of the "absolute positioning" aspect of the models being off center, I am receiving lighting errors and other inconveniences as a result of attempting to use some of them in the map I am working on. I am looking for any modeler or someone with a bit more experience working with .mdl files to potentially help me with getting these models properly centered, as most other models in the game are.

I also need someone who is capable of making and applying textures to existing models, as currently some of the assets in the pack are untextured, use placeholders, or the wrong texture altogether. I would greatly appreciate any help that can be offered to texture rock models, platforms and scaffolding, wooden structures, and various spytech related assets.

If you can help in any way or offer any advice for how to accomplish these goals it would be greatly appreciated. I've never done one of these before, and don't know the standard procedure regarding compensation, but I won't rule out the potential to offer some form of payment or reward to anyone who would be willing to do some or all of this work for me.