Miscellaneous Mapping Ministration (AKA: Things I should know how to do but can't)

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    I've been chugging along on my map, and as soon as I clear up some clipping annoyances I'll feel comfortable putting it up and looking into a gameday. However, I was hoping I could get some feedback on some more mundane problems I've been having that I can't find satisfactory guides for:

    1. Roofs; they are clearly a large part of what can make even a dev-textured a1 look neat and tidy, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to give them that aesthetically pleasing look. I've looked at this guide, but that doesn't cover the very basics as to how to make a half-decent roof brush. Can anyone recommend a good tutorial or video?
    2. Several of my brushes, while textured dev/red in hammer, inexplicably turn blue in my bsp. Why might this happen?
    3. My map contains a death pit; I've got the whole 'death trigger' down fine, but my 'pit' is just a displacement that's been sunk down a lot in the middle, and I have no idea how to make a dark void at the bottom. Does anyone have tips for making a bottomless pit like in Nucleus or Steel?
    4. Finally, if anyone has any all-purpose tips for making a skybox fit in well with a map (brushes between the map and the skybox?), they would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch for reading and such,
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    1) Just whack on a triangle shape. It's a1, nobody ill give a toss. For future reference, make a roof then support it with wood or metal (depending, obviously) and that's how to make a roof (in its simplest form)

    2) Never heard of that before

    3) I usually just cut a hole in the floor and then make a tube thing out of some more brushes rather than displacing the whole thing.

    4) As a easy way out, you want to hide the horizon with cliffs, or fences. This is obvious in many maps like goldrush and the like. If you want to do something more like 2fort where the transition is completely exposed, build out further. That way when the scale is smaller so are the visible changes. No clip in 2fort and you will see that they build out heaps before switching to skybox.
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    As an answer to #3, no, none of the pits are quote, "bottomless". All they use is a brush textured with tools/toolsblack at the bottom to simulate endless blackness and occasionally overlays with the black gradient texture on the sides.