Microcontest #23: Timer Attack!

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Oct 5, 2014
Welcome to Microcontest 23: Timer Attack!


Name: Timer Attack!
Difficulty: 5/5
Time Limit: 24 Hours

Today's challenge is to create a map that uses at least one tf_logic_cp_timer entity.

Unless you are just recreating DeGroot Keep's gamemode, this will require you to create a custom gamemode from scratch.

Bonus Stamp:
Use at least two tf_logic_cp_timer entities in your map.

The .fgd:
In the September 26, 2022 update, the tf_logic_cp_timer entity was updated with a new "team_number" keyvalue. This allows a mapper to use a tf_logic_cp_timer entity on both Blue-owned and neutral control points. The new keyvalue defaults to "Blue" (or "3" if SmartEdit is off), meaning the timer only works on Red-owned control points unless changed.

This new keyvalue is not the tf-abs.fgd used by most mappers, and therefore won't be accessible in Hammer for those with A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack installed. To fix this, I have created a new "tf-timerfix.fgd" that adds the missing keyvalue and a description of how the keyvalue works. It also adds the new "DestroyBuildings" keyvalue to func_nobuild that was added in the same update, which is also missing from the tf-abs.fgd. Installing tf-timerfix.fgd only adds these two missing keyvalues, and should not interfere with or change tf-abs.fgd or other custom .fgd files you have installed.

To install the provided tf-timerfix.fgd, place it in your Team Fortress 2/bin folder, then go to Tools -> Options... -> Game Configuration (in either Hammer or Hammer++) and press the Add button in the Game Data Files section, as shown below:


Technical Details:
tf_logic_cp_timer automatically begins counting down when the associated team_control_point becomes available to capture through any means (a previously required point is capped, the point is enabled, the point is unlocked via inputs, etc.). OnCountdownStart is fired when the point becomes available to capture. OnCountdownEnd is sent when the timer expires and the point is not being captured; the timer will remain at 0 until captured or cap progress resets.

From my testing, the OnCountdown15SecRemain, OnCountdown10SecRemain, and OnCountdown5SecRemain outputs do not function.

Submission Procedure:
  1. Please name your map <gamemode>_<yourname>_mc23_a1
  2. Create a download for your map in the downloads section of the site
  3. Reply to this thread with a link to your map's download page
  4. Add your map to the bot in the Discord with !add <link> (or !add <mapname>)
  5. Maps must be submitted to this thread no later than 10:00 AM EDT (14:00 UTC) on October 9th, 2022
  6. Testing will begin shortly after the deadline, with maps being playing in submission order
Good Luck!

Special thanks to @leezo for the original idea this microcontest was based on.

Check out the 2022 Microcontest Megathread for more info: https://tf2maps.net/threads/the-microcontest-megathread-season-3.46249/


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the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Sep 10, 2016
feels like a classic microcontest, just pure experimentation with a mechanic that has never really been fleshed out before

anyway, I made a map

also please remove class limits during the test
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Aug 12, 2017
This one is likely one of the more straight the point ones than some of the others that might be here



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Feb 28, 2016
I ran out of ideas on this one, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

bad map.png


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Oct 5, 2014
I made Relay 2. This time it's got bombs.



Stack Man

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Aug 26, 2016
Wanted three zones, but only managed two before my sanity fell apart :v



Punk rock snep gf
Jul 2, 2019
Hope you all like this 8 point cluster fuck with 2 alternating points
I sleep now


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Oct 29, 2021
me no like this entity


Paper Shadow

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Jul 22, 2016
A Symmetrical 4CP Map, in Medieval Mode, in Space

(Play with Random Crits on)

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Aug 12, 2016
JJBA Part 5 Inspired Geo made over the course of 3 months
Last point is copy-pasted from an old koth of mine

Degroot logic stressed over for 14 hours




Apr 18, 2017

it's CONTROL POINTS. A/D. you know the one. very basic. nothing different.

we may have forgotten to place some logic though :)


I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
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Oct 5, 2014
Hello again! This time, we got some of the most creative entries ever, with tons of unique modes and ideas on display. We had 18 on-time entries, one late entry, and one that forgot to submit to the thread, leading to a total of 20 maps completed! That being said, this was probably the hardest microcontest ever, and it has been retroactively awarded a 5/5 difficulty (up from 4/5) to reflect that. And with that out of the way, on to the feedback!

Conceptually, this is a neat idea; Domination until the points are capped, then holding out until you win. Unfortunately, a lot of decisions have been made here that I don't think work at all. Having setup gates on only part of the map leads to awkward and unfun opening fights, and having the last point be underground and really hard to find doesn't work. Add on the logic issues of not being able to contest points, and it all falls apart. If you missed it, I'd check out cp_onra77_mc23_a1, which is the same idea but done much more successfully. Using the spawns from MC20 is fun. Decent use of the timer.

This is really impressive, it's wild to see Rainmaker working in TF2! As impressive as the mode is though, I think the layout has issues. There's some unclear routing for both defenders and attackers, which makes it difficult to understand how you're supposed to reach the capture zone. The gameplay spaces are also rather uninteresting as well, with most of the fights taking place around small doorways. The area behind the capture zone is also very strange, and just feels off. Excellent use of the timer!

This is neat! I think it's too open though; there's not enough cover so you just get shot from every direction at once. The point is hard to get to, and honestly kind of confusing to reach as well. Overall, confusion probably best describes the feeling of playing on this; custom control point icons and/or voice lines could help reduce confusion by helping players know which point is the main one and which ones are the carts. Cool use of the timer, though having to cap to break, then capping again to push might be a bit much? I'd see if you can make a version that just has "whoever owns it can push" and resetting it to neutral when the timer is up instead of the current system.

I thought this was really funny, and a great use of the timer. Shame the logic was slightly broken and it was causing players to crash. The crash seems to have been from setting the damage value too high on the deathpit; you only need it set to 9999 to kill everything, and setting it too high causes some clients to crash when they touch it. On top of the crashing, it seems that the timers break on the round after they go off, meaning the map's whole joke breaks. If you're doing any logic to change the timers or try to hide them, remember that none of their values reset between rounds, so you need to manually set everything back to default at the start of every round. The layout is a bit plain, and could use some work; there's no good places to defend and teams spawn right at final giving teams a bit more room to play with on defense would make the joke land better I feel. The music really sells the joke, well done!

I was not expecting anyone to actually like this mode, but people seemed to enjoy it when the logic was working! People seemed to like the geometry too, which was nice. I wonder if anyone recognized that it was a remake of my 7.2hr map, Relay? Final is way too small, but I'll blame that on making it at 4:00am. Shame about the few logic issues that popped up, especially since I thought I fixed them! The specific issues in question were bomb's explosion trigger not turning off on respawn (I had the delays backwards!), the bomb sound not working (I had the parents on the env_entity_makers wrong!), and being able to grab it when it respawns before overtime kicks in (I don't yet have a fix for this!). I think it's a fun and unique use of the timer, I didn't see anything else like it in the microcontest so I'm happy with it. I think it's worth exploring this mode further in the future, and I'll probably release the logic for others to use once I iron out the issues.

@Stack Man
Really neat idea, great use of the timer! Doing a map with a ton of small, fast-paced rounds is a cool, but at the moment it gets stale fast since there's not enough variety, in both the fact that there's only two maps, and the fact that both are so simple with such a low contact time between teams. The maps need to be larger, and there needs to be more of them. Not necessarily longer, but wider with more options so teams can try things other than just rushing the point repeatedly. My favorite of the two is the castle one. Maybe try some rotationally symmetrical ones?

This is genuinely impressive, and I'm surprised this kind of works? It's way too much info at once, but it's rather fun once it clicks in your head. It might help to mark the points as "A" "B" "C" on the HUD so people can track the state of the game better, since there seemed to be a lot of confusion about the game state from a lot of people. The combat spaces need work, but the sheer scale of what you've managed to do in such a short amount of time excuses that for me. For the team-owned points, I think B is the best, A is too hard to reach, and C is too open. The two center points are fine, though I think without the distraction of the rest of the map they'd be too simple on their own. I'd see if you could scale things down to be a bit more compact, like if you put the two center points in the same "combat space" somehow. Incredible use of the timers, and congrats on using the most timers in the microcontest!

Fun fact: I built logic that works exactly like this for my tests with the entity before the microcontest, but never really thought about what a layout for it would look like. After playing it, I think it might work, but this layout might not be the best for it. The points themselves are really weird and far too enclosed; I don't like attacking or defending a dead-end. This sort of layout seemed to encourage turtling, so maybe look into pulling the points closer to the bases and opening them up? There's also a general lack of smaller cover, with lots of empty spaces to pass through. An indication of who will start defending would be nice, but I understand why if you don't want to do that. Simple clever use of the timer, well done!

@Paper Shadow
Huge apologies, but I think I forgot to turn on random crits as requested when we tested this! I think it's a bit large for for Medieval. Combat happens at much closer ranges in Medieval, and this map doesn't feel like it takes that into account. It's also lacking a lot of smaller cover to fight around. I think the mid points should lock when Final is open for capture, to push defenders to defend, but then it might be too easy for attackers when the capture on final breaks? Not sure. The swimming/low gravity outside is fun! Decent use of the timers.

@Kiglirs @Le Codex @Sarexicus
Interesting idea! But I'm not sure this is working well. It's not communicated well that you need to press the drop flag button (lots of people didn't even have it bound!) and it's really annoying that there's restrictions on the places you can drop that are also not communicated well. I'd turn the minimum distance down a lot, since at the moment you pretty much have to place them both at opposite ends, and at that point what's the point in being able to choose where you can place them? The non-train side of the layout is quite plain, and it didn't see much use as a drop site for the points since it's too hard for Blu to get a foothold there compared to the other side. Fantastic use of the timers, well done!

@radarhead @youporkchop5
Really neat idea, but way too hard to capture. It seems that since you can't set up a good sentry, the whole team has to turtle to defend, which snowballs into one team holding mid the whole time and both teams getting deadlocked at the doorways into the capture zone for the losing team. If you try to defend you just get stuck in a death spiral! Thankfully, I think most of the issues are layout and not gamemode-related at this point, so I'd say it's worth trying it out again. It's very hard to tell what's going on at the start as well. I wonder if there's some way to get the PD HUD to work with this to track points? Fun use of the timer!

I like this a lot, it's a great fresh take on Domination! I think the cap times for final are off, but I'm not sure in which direction (Too fast? Too slow?). I think the long cap times on the outer points are good though, it lets teams rotate fast enough to react. I honestly don't have much more to say; the simplicity of the layout really works here. I like this concept a lot, excellent use of the timer!

I like this geo visually, but it's a bit confusing to fight in. The height variation heavily favors blu, and it's very hard to defend because of this. Sadly I think it would work better if you didn't let people up on the ruins and reworked B to not be on a roof. But also then the ground level is really cluttered, so maybe the gameplay needs to move to being all up on the roofs? Weird. Final isn't fun to attack or defend (too far for attackers, can't get back into spawn as defenders), and it should probably cap faster too. Pretty standard use of the timer, not bad!

Oh dear, this does not work at all. The map is way underscaled for bumper karts; there needs to be a lot more space to drive and fight. Select the whole map and double in in size and it might work. I'm serious. Not being able to see the HUD sucks, but there's not much you can do there. It's also very unclear there's an order you need to cap the points in; signs would help a lot. Pretty standard use of the timer, though in combination with the karts it falls apart and isn't much fun.

This feels very, very large. I think it's overscaled; huge areas of the map never saw use. I don't like saying "This map is just X but Y", but this really feels like a less interesting Doublecross. The shortcut doors are a cool use of the timer, but I'm not sure if they are useful. They seem to be intended as a quick escape, but the other routes are easier and better for both pushing in and leaving the base, since using the door takes you past the enemy spawn and all the other routes don't. This intel room is not interesting to attack or defend, which to me seems like should be a big focus of a CTF map.

This seems neat, and I think there's some potential here! Sadly, the HUD does not communicate enough info; you can't tell which point is which. That should be an easy fix though, just switch out the icons. It's hard to break through, even with the timer point; the flanks aren't useful enough, and the final point is so close to enemy spawn (and requires players to jump to it!) that it isn't terribly fun to push. The underground area is practically useless, so I'm not sure why that's the bit locked behind the timer point. Spawn needs to be farther back, with spawn times lowered i think. Really cool use for the timers!

Conceptually I love this, and really hope you continue/test another version of this! Mid feels too large, and is really boring to fight in and around. I'd see if you can cut the bridge and bring the bases a lot closer. The rest of the layout is interesting and fun; I especially like the pipe route and would love if it was easier to get to if you do rebuild mid. The finals are super cool and unique, shame that Blu's timer ending doesn't properly reset things. Great use of the timer!

Seems like a really cool idea, very sad it didn't work. I worried about being able to retake the central point; specifically wouldn't the launcher get in the way of capping? But then I loaded up a1 and realized the launcher doesn't go off if there's cap progress so that isn't an issue. Layout-wise this is pretty clever, with a spawn exit that drops down to mid and stuff, though it's a bit confusing to get down to mid from the landing site. Would have been a very cool use of the timer!

This is neat, the fast rounds are cool! It's unclear what you're supposed to be doing moment-to-moment though. Eventually I figured out you are supposed to damage the cow, but with a CP HUD I was expecting to capture them like control points. Does Red win if all the cows live? Most of the cows live? At least one cow lives? I do not know. Does it end early if one team can no longer win? It probably should. The individual areas are very pretty, though I'm not sold on how they connect. The Final Cow is a great gag. Good use of the timer to simulate rounds!

@Duck Lemon
I'm terribly sorry I forgot to run this! I pinged you letting you know if you added it to the bot we could still play it since it was done before the deadline, but it seems I forgot about it after that. This looks really cool, and I wish we had played it, though it does seem to be broken. The orange doors to reach final don't open until after the final point timers expire and the final point timers don't reset mid, meaning that it's pretty much impossible to play. The layout seems nice, though I worry about the chokepoints around mid. Decent use of the timer, if it was working right.

Here's the mode breakdown, to the best of my ability:
CP (Domination)                    2
RM (Rainmaker)                     1
PLR                                1
3CP                                3
A/D CTF (Bomb)                     1
TA (Timer Attack)                  1
CP (8 points)                      1
WAM (Whack a Mole/Cow)             1
CP (2 points)                      1
CP (4 points)                      2
CP (DeGroot)                       1
BMP (Bumper Kart A/D)              1
CAtF (Capture All the Flags)       1
CP (Control Point Construction)    1
CTF                                1
CP (Symmetrical Steeltype)         1

Great work everyone, see you in microcontest 24!