Metaladon's Map Scrap [OPEN ALPHA]

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Apr 14, 2015
Here's some undetailed, untested prototypes of random stuff. Some of it worth completing, some just as idea fodder.


A KotH with a point over lava. I think the lighting and gameplay potential is interesting, but I could't get it to work.


A KotH with 2 trains running through the map as a fairly constant element, leading to interesting fights with moving cover. Again, sightline issues, but people loved the concept.


A KotH with more highground/lowground theory and an interesting setup, but I never finished it. never tested. VERY close to A1


A map I created in a tiny ammout of time just to duel with my brother. However, it was more fun that I expected, and if you fleshed the map out a tiny bit (and added logic, none because it was my first ever) it could really work.

All maps are in the download.
If you wish to use any of this, simply say "Based on X map prototype by Sir Metaladon"


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