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    Hello, i am miauw62, i play alot of tf2, and decided to make my own map, whit a bit of help from my friend Simon. (tips and such)
    i suck at tf2 tough.

    my first map is nearing time for the alpha release, but since school is starting i wont have alot of time anymore.
    my name means meow in dutch. (im from belgium, yknow, those crazy people?(gratz for who gets the referance. tip: 2001))
    why this is my name?
    i have it since i played runescape, including the number.
    yes, i know that your thinking: 'RUNESCAPE? WTF?'
    dont worry, i stopped playing a long time ago.
    i also have a brother, wich goes by the unfortunate alias of felix62. (i cant control him that much D: )

    now go on making jokes about my name, evrybody does.

    EDIT: oh, and i bought tf2 a while ago in the orange box. pretty much the grand start of my non-flash gaming times. before that i played flash games on an awesome site called kongregate.
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    I tried to come up with some clever cat pun, but i couldn't come up with any, so what the hell, have this...

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    in my chat on kong its usually like:
    miauw62: hi all!
    some random guy 1: meow :3 *pets miauw*

    on the minecraft server its this:
    miauw62: ohai
    a member of the server that regulary there: meow :3

    life is as it is.
    in my case, its like this :p
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    HIP HOY BELGIE! Veel plezier op school!

    Welcome! :)
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