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PD Meme Machine (72hr Jam Entry) RC 1 Re-upload

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Lets try something new!
Jul 28, 2015
Meme Machine (72hr Jam Entry) - Kill enemies, collect fuel units, and deploy them at the fuel station to launch the rocket!

This thread is made for my 2016 Summer 72 Hour Jam entry; Meme Machine RC 1! You can also find the map on the original thread ( ). Screenshots will come later. Thank you to @LeSwordfish for allowing me to go over the time limit a small bit.

Now presenting... The High Quality Update!

The winner of the April Fools 2016 Contest, the classic, fan favorite map is back, and better than ever!

-Added 5 NEW MEME EVENTS (10 are in the map in total now)
-I won't tell you the events now, you'll have to see them yourself ;)
-Completely redid mid
-Made it bigger
-Condensed the two buildings into one building, so the rocket and the
cap zone are next to eachother
-Hopefully made it easier to attack​
-Redid how the finale is done; now the team that won the PD portion has to be on the cap point only when the rocket launches to claim their win
-Fixed the "seamlessly" never ending overtime
-Fixed the music playing into the next round​
-Made the meme events happen more often
-Added spectator cameras to the Illuminatis (only when the event is happening)
-Removed the second Death Pits song because it wasn't good (kept "The Afterblaze" in)
-Did some major optimization
-Did prop-fades
-Removed the sound effects from the End of the Line trains as they kept playing even after the event
-Made the steam sale event hurt more, now does like 40 damage and plays a "critical hit" sound
-Did more detailing
-Added some of my signs for self plugging
-Removed some meme particles
-Fixed a clipping issue with some beams
-Mixed a texture on BLU side being colored RED
-Made the Cena Catapult cover the entire map so you get launched up no matter where you are
-Fixed a wooden texture not being rotted the right way
-Adjusted shadows on some props
-Added patches under pickups
-Fixed some events not triggering meme particles inside the Fuel Station
-Fixed players getting stuck inside the rocket platform when the rocket launches (atleast I think I fixed it)
-Added some train tracks to the trains closest to the middle area, this explains why that area seems very flat
-The other train paths don't have tracks, to keep them as a surprise​
-Updated the localization files
-Peaked the entity limit
-Obtained medal
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Jun 15, 2013
Just what I needed from my 2nd favorite mapper person