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    This is the Arena version of a melee-only map, MeleeFort. In this map, all of the player's firearms will be stripped, leaving them with their melee weapons only.

    The middle point will activate within a significantly shorter span of time compared to "regular" arena maps, so if you want to win, get in the ring on the moat and start swinging!

    Note: This map utilizes sv_cheats


    General changes:
    - 100% Sniper/Spy update compatible.
    - Silly gooses think they can exploit noclip now? Try me.
    - CP and CTF mode will now reward the winning team with the return of their firearms. Just a little extra motivation for you not to lose.
    - More resupply signs that point to the spawnroom teleporter. You know, so you know where to go if you don't want to die when trying to change classes.
    - A few insignificant cosmetic changes to the spawnrooms and BLU's corridor
    - Each variant now has it's own sky!
    - Some ambient noise here and there
    - Put up a little team goal string that reads like so: "sandman lol more like BANNEDman" No, I am not unbanning the Sandman. Ever. It's called Meleefort for a reason. If you cannot make the correct choice, then the correct choice will be made for you.
    - The Sniper's Razorback is not banned, however.

    Arena mode changes
    - No more quick-switching classes to beat the weapon stripper for you, mister.
    - Any team can now use the small health bottles
    - The sky is now Well's sky (Sunset)
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    Updated for the Sniper/Spy pack. Changelog in OP