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    In my boredom, I decided that (instead of trying to finish a full map) I would try to build a prefab pack for Medieval Buildings, similar to the Front-line Building Prefab pack made by snowsquirrel. I've already made a watermill (though it still needs a little work) that's decently detailed, but I had hit a stopping point in terms of ideas.

    Since this is a pack intended for community use, I decided to ask you (the community) for suggestions or requests for types of buildings. Right now, like I said, I only have a watermill and a blacksmith that I'm thinking of redoing. If you have anything you'd like to see, feel free to ask for it here.

    Each time I edit this post, I will update these lists for what I'm working on or have finished.

    Working on:
    • Siege Tower (multiple sizes: ~400 [1 level]; ~640 [2 levels]; ~900 [3 levels])
    • Watermill (feat. parkour on wheel)
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    Siege Tower?
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