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Medieval Mode Tips?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by about 20 ninjas, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. about 20 ninjas

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    I was interested in the new Medieval mode, and thought I'd give it a shot. There could definitely be some cool things done with this mode, but I wanted to know...

    Does anyone have any tips or ideas for it? Like setting up the main door in Degroot Keep and possible alternatives, interesting designs for the mode, or anything that comes to mind.
  2. fubarFX

    aa fubarFX The "raw" in "nodraw"

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    sorry, only tip i can think of is don't make a medieval map
    limiting the gameplay doesn't qualify as a game mode for me
  3. REEJ

    REEJ L7: Fancy Member

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    Degroot Keep makes the medieval mode look like crap, don't use the same layout.
    That's my opinion^
  4. Mr.Blob

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    Hit things with a stick? :O
  5. Trotim

    aa Trotim

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    Medieval Mode basically gives you an excuse to map for a niche, while arguably expanding your freedom since when it is a Medieval map anyway, you might as well go crazy with other gimmicks as well. The only real limit is the Medieval theme, I suppose.

    Spawn times should be very low by default and health be placed a bit more sparsely than default. No need for ammo. Walking distances should be short, that does not mean everything should be mostly flat though (looking at you, cp_degrootkeep).

    Basically, making a Medieval Map can be a pretty interesting (side) project. You can get some detailing experience in with a theme that allows for crudely built structures with no real precedents, can implement gimmicky but still (for a certain audience) fun gameplay and is probably less complex and thus easier to make than any other map since you only have to keep 1-2 projectile weapons in mind.
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