Me and Team Fortress 2... (An Apology)

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    It's probably no secret now that I tend to snap at players for playing in a 'competitive' way, or at least what comes off as competitive to me. Team Fortress 2 is a game where I come to play because I want to have fun. Only issue is when I try to just have fun, I tend to run into those better than me, or end up running into a whole ton of bad luck with it. This ends up throwing me into a bad mood with the game which I tend to deem 'unfair', 'cheating', or 'Asshole moves'.

    I know I'm not the best but it's an idea in my head where I'm stuck at the idea of "I'm the best" sorta attitude where I tend to get pissed at people the most. Just it never makes sense to me in anyway, when something never works out, on how spies are capable of quickly stabbing me, and getting away while I'm stuck in the dirt on spy no matter how much I try, or new stuff I try. How I miss so many headshots, while people are zooming in and out without needing to focus and still managing to hit their targets with zero issues.

    I don't know, I guess you could call it jealousy, or egotism I really have no clue anymore. Even at the age of 20 I still act like a child with stuff like this, trying to act like I belong in certain places that I don't belong. Just that I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything which is something that would probably lead into my anger problems toward this game. When I play a video game, I feel like I'm supposed to feel like I'm doing my best, but that easily gets crushed when people throw everything they're good at towards me. I know it's not like they're doing it on purpose, they're just playing the game as they know how to play it, and they're capable of beating my ass down because I'm not as skilled or ranked compared to them, and then I feel the blows for it by yelling at others for playing differently than I do. Afterwards I always feel bad about it, because I know that's not in my nature, or who I am. I always tell everyone to be who they want to be, and do what they want to do. But then I let myself get controlled by what others do and it sparks into raw anger with me. So in the end, here.

    I'm sorry to those I've yelled at for this...
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    I was wondering where this was going. I don't think it's anyone's fault for playing a game with skill...rather the opposite for me when I'm ranked 1st on my team after 10 minutes of joining a server. Too much conga lines for my liking, where's the challenge?
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    I don't know you, but that feels like a confidence issue more than egotism or jealousy. You felt judged on your abilities, pressurized to win and forgot to have fun...

    Ideally you should appreciate a dirty trick, even when you are on the receiving side ^^
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    Guess you'd hate to play with me. I tend to play to win, mostly trying to go for the "skillfull" move, call it airshot, quickscoppe, trickstab, etc. However, before, I tended to act like you, being pissed at how I was being constantly dominated by 3 people on the enemy team, who were just too good for me.
    It really seems a combination of jealousy and lack of confidence in yourself, just like I felt when being constantlly outplayed.
    However, what helped me was, sometimes, getting a lucky "skillfull" move, like a reflect I didn't even intended to do, or a random quickscope that wasn't planned on that particular target. This made me proud, and encouraged me to improve and practice, specially after seeing frag movies and understanding the potential of all classes, and being willing to be able to do that myself.
    I kept on practicing, specially at the start on training maps, like tr_walkway, and learning the mechanics/timings/movement required for each "skill".
    Now I can reliably do most of those, and remember, no player is perfect, they still make mistakes, and sometimes, you will just have a bad day. Sometimes it's better to just change class if you're not feeling it, even if you want to practice. If you feel like you're missing too many shots, more than usual or stuff like that, just leave it, change class and you may find that you're doing better, and it's more enjoyable.
    Also remember to stay calm, if you start to get angry, your performance will suffer, and you'll get angrier, and a vicious circle will start. Sometimes it's better to just change server, or even leave the game for that day.
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    I find that when I'm getting the most airshots or quickscopes its because I'm not even "trying". I guess a better term is when I am enjoying myself and not trying to take the game seriously. Whenever I get in a terrible mood, (often referred to as "mad" in videogames), I try to remember that TF2 is a game where you can have fun. If something isn't working out just switch to a random weapon loadout and do something crazy. You gotta remember that TF2 is all about the objective, so getting kills doesn't matter. If you can't get a kill as anyone, then be a distraction. Its so satisfying knowing that you are pissing off people who would rather not deal with someone randomly behind enemy lines doing 3 damage with a shotgun.

    Also, what Sato said, the angrier you get, the worse your aim becomes. Don't think "I gotta kill that one guy" or "I have to get revenge". Instead think about how you can help the team, even if it is just being distracting, or sacrificing yourself to save a medic, etc. Know that you did something to help someone else win. Also, the guy dominating you might deserve to feel good after having a bad day, he's most likely not an asshole.
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    I think it's good to realize in the end that most of the people who play this game seriously do it because it's fun to play, even seriously. There's just a certain magic to the game as a whole that makes it really fun to just play and get better at. It's cartoony, but it's still got this quake like feel where it just feels like you could take it seriously. So we do.
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    I keep telling myself I'm not that good at the game, in every case. If you go on an MGE server you'll see who is actually good compared to you. You might just meet some highlander or UGC players who are really really damn good. You'll get thrown around by these guys easily, and probably treated like a trash bag. I've learned through these people that there will always be people who are better than you. You don't have to be upset if there are. You should go with a walk with your team mates if you find a player that is really hard to take down. Team members will help take down an enemy, and they do it much faster with you. Never try to go alone, unless you want yourself to be taken down by a high level player.

    Always remember, its easier to kill someone while they're distracted with one of your other teammates. The element of surprise is the best element you can have in a fast paced shooting game.
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    When in doubt, play Scout.
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    Or go rage heavy.
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    Ever since the Luelinks TF2 community collapsed, I've forgotten how to play seriously