Me and my Still-newbie Questions

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    Either way:

    1. How many people care about aesthetics if the play is good? (most notably, skyboxes)
    2. Can I post my map(s) on this forum and get someone to do the technical stuff for me/show me how over skype?
    3. Is there a way to add snow other than the coldfront props?
    4. Once I download a resource packet, what do I do?
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    It's recommended that you create the map initially in development textures. Then, when you have a map that plays solidly, detail.
    I wouldn't recommend it. In general, outsourcing is bad, and you're probably better off doing it yourself. If you have trouble setting up a certain gamemode, I recommend using Boojum's resource pack. For further information on how stuff works, consult the Valve Developer Community.
    There are also snowy textures that you can use, along with particle effects for falling snow. Snow is a tricky thing to work with.
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    1 - Layout is the key, but aestetctics can give sense to a map. Like the giant rocket over the intel in Well, the feeling of "I'm breaking through a secret base" in Coldfront, or the giant computer-spytech stuff base with a giant map right next to the intel in 2Fort.

    2 - Nope.avi. You have to do the stuff by yourself. Relax, we have ABS and his wonderful gametype library and the VALVe Dev Wiki and their wonderful tutorials.

    3 - Textures + displacements. Look for "snow" in the textue folders.

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    Make your own snow props, they're really really simple to do.