Mayann Themed Map Concept

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May 31, 2016
Hey all! The facepunch thread told me to post this idea here, and this is my first ever post on tf2m so I apologize if I break a rule.

So I have a pretty stupid idea for a new gamemode and map specifically for the Mayann update. So stupid in fact that I'm not even sure it would qualify as a new gamemode. Let's get right down to it.

Essentially, the gamemode is one-sided ctf but played in a similar fashion to payload, the catch is that Blu team has to fight both ways. The idea comes from this (click me)opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's not shown in that clip, but Jones has to avoid death on the way in, AND on the way out.

So, in a bit more detail:

* Blu starts at one end of a cave, tunnel, canyon, etc.

* Red is inside, defending the cave, tunnel, or canyon.

* Blu has to fight past red, grab the idol, and bring it back to the beginning.

* Checkpoints for Blu might not be a bad idea

Blu has to fight both to the idol, and back to spawn with it. If a blu player carrying the idol is killed, the idol is dropped, however the timer on the idol is either very long or there is no timer. If Blu manages to grab the idol from it's pedestal, they get a generous time bonus, and it's considered the beginning of the second half of the game, and it becomes a long fight to bring it back.

Blu wins by successfully taking the idol back into their spawn, or out of the entrance of the cave, tunnel, etc.

Red wins by keeping blu from taking it back to the start.

Traps would fit the theme, but it shouldn't be like a deathrun map. Static (floor spikes) and event-triggered (darts, boulder, etc) would be more desirable than player triggered traps here.

Here are some masterful mspaint pics to hopefully better demonstrate my idea:

Front View:

Side View :

Top-down View:


In the side and top-down view, Blu has to fight from the left side of the map, to the idol on the right, then carry it back to the left side and out.

I realize these pics are terrible, but it's the best I could do to visually describe my map idea.

I'm not sure if I've even done a good enough job explaining my idea, so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody here knew wtf I'm on about.

If anyone is willing to attempt to make this happen, or needs clarification, please add me on steam and I'll do everything I can to help! I'd also love some feedback, and I welcome criticism on just how bad this idea is.



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Jul 6, 2015
So its CTF A/D with checkpoint CPs?

I think its a good concept, but it would take ALOT of work to make a map like this work, not just layout wise but logic wise.


A better place for this forum post would be the Mapping & Discussion thread.
This thread is where you post stuff you either want help with, or want other people to make (either for free or for some dosh), like artwork, custom props, etc..


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Jan 11, 2016
Idk if the idea is bad (but I'm batshit confused as hell though) but like Dave said you would need a lot of entity work and you might hit the entity limit possibly. Also be carefully to sharing your ideas as someone may try to steal it (I'm just very paranoid so that may be it) If your doing this logic relays will be your friend.


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Jun 19, 2015
The game mode is entirely possible, and I'm fairly sure that I've played a map that is quite similar to this. I'll edit this post later if I can remember the name of the map.
One suggestion that I do have is not to make the map one long corridor. This leads to not fun gameplay. As for the traps, try to make it obvious as to what will kill a player. (People like to fight against the other team, not the map, at least to an extent)
You could even have it so that the flag capture at blu's base isn't instant, but rather blu needs to hold the flag in an area for a certain amount of time to win. (Completely up to you though)