max_map_planes side 5 texture: concrete/computerwall005

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    Yes, i have tried the interloopers. but i can't seem to fix this.
    Problem is, as soon as fix that one, it goes straight to another brush somwhere else, eventually i have nothing on the map.
    I have been woring on this map for 3 days, i was going to compile to day for an alpha, jesus christ, is there anyway to fix this?

    I don't udnerstand a whole lot about brushes, faces, etc...
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    Likely your VMF is corrupted, rather than geometry problems.

    Try copy/pasting pieces into another VMF chunk by chunk. Hammer now has a neat feature (Edit> Paste Special) That will put the brushes in the exact spot they were in the old map. Handy for problems like this. Compile with each chunk addition and if the problem pops up don't use those brushes.

    You could also do a quick auto VisGroup check and see if there are any obvious groups that break the compile. Start with world geometry and work your way up.

    This is a good time to mention saving in iterations. Usually at the end of a night of working on a project I increment the save file by 1. I have hundreds of save files for nearly every project I've done. They are a lifesaver when you work all day and create a problem that is irreversible.

    Honestly though I think your project is hosed. Good luck dude.
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    Dont be a douche, schwa.

    I'm afraid i cant help with this. Try renaming your vmf, or copying everything into your map into a new file. Those are the standard hacky solutions for odd compile errors.