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    Hey, guys!

    I'm max_banana23, a prosperous mapper who doesn't get very many ideas, kind of to my detriment. I haven't actually posted any maps here yet, but I plan to. I like making variants of the original gamemodes, (like Steel and Standin), but sometimes I tend to go a bit overboard.
    Not much to say, but I hope I get to know you guys.

    Fun facts:
    1: I'm from Australia, so my internet connection sucks on the gameday servers.
    2: I am horrible at sightlines.
    3. I have a bad habit of over-texturing. A lot. Before alpha 2. :(
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    Welcome to the community! I hope you have a great time here and learn to improve your craft over time!

    Texturing isn't actually a bad thing if it's early alpha, just try not to stray into heavy-detailing!
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    Sightlines are hard, man.
    Welcome to the Land of Props and Brushes. We hope you enjoy your stay.