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    Hello , i am looking if someone know where i can find the map configs for each maps to use in my maps.cfg like badwater.cfg, exemple : mp_winlimit ? mp_timelimit ? mp_maxround ? thanks forward
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    You normally dont need that if you are doing standard maps, this is usually set by the server admin.
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    You create a new file called <MAPNAME>.cfg, obviously, replace <MAPNAME> with the name of the map, i.e. pl_badwater.cfg. In that file you can place all the cvars that need to be changed for that map.
    Keep in mind if the next map doesn't change these cvars, they will revert to the ones in server.cfg, or stay the same is the server.cgf doesn't alter them..

    And blesser, most of the questions you seem to ask are probably best off asked as the SRCDS forums :
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    Clearly he is the server admin :facepalm:

    I think he was already aware of that mapname.cfg "like badwater.cfg" my guess of what he was looking for was a list of commands and what they would do. That said...I tend to agree with the srcds forums, or even just finding a tutorial. But uhh...for future reference...after the map with the .cfg file ends the next one (provided it doesn't have its own) will revert to the settings in the server.cfg.

    And now i guess ill attempt to answer the question how I read it <_<

    There are no specific commands that each map should have, and for the most part its up to your discretion, there is no problem with not having any of these mapname.cfg files and just setting global values in the server.cfg

    My personal preference is to set the mp_timelimit to 30 or 45mins, and setting the round limit ridiculously high so that it will never change before the time is up. Also, arena uses its own global cfg so you will need to edit that as well if your running arena maps.
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