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    Resorted into three main groups. Construction will be split up further into Entities, Detailing, and others.

    [Video Tutorials] Hammer Basics

    [Guide] Details: how VALVe do it
    [GUIDE] How to design and make a good map.
    [INFO]: Payload Track Lengths in Badwater for Reference
    [Info] Arena maps, everything you need to know
    [TIPS] TF2 Character proportions
    Gameplay theory test: Dustbowl

    [GUIDE] Youme's guide to displacement cliffs
    [GUIDE] Learning to Use the Command Line, the Console, and .CFG Scripts
    [TUTORIAL] A Beginner's Guide:The Spawn Room
    [TUTORIAL] The right ways to do Displacements
    [Tutorial] Making a Poster Overlay
    [TUTORIAL] The Complete Guide To Implementing Custom Skybox Textures And Env Lighting
    [TUTORIAL] Fine HDR tuning
    [TUTORIAL] Complete Guide to Adding Custom Objects to your TF2 Map
    [TUTORIAL] Custom Map Objective(s) (multiple languages)
    [TUTORIAL] TF2 Style Fast and Easy
    [TUTORIAL] The Elevator Trifecta
    [TUTORIAL] Doing a cute cave
    [Tutorial] Overlay
    [TUTORIAL] How to add textures into .bsp during compile.
    [Tutorial] Rotating Brush
    [TUTORIAL] Applying Valve's dirt to your own textures
    [TUTORIAL] Flowing Water
    [TUTORIAL] Making a sports or sports-like map
    [Tutorial] MacNetrons guide to Gravelpit-like CP maps
    [TUTORIAL] Making a cool 3d skybox.
    [TUTORIAL]Angled roofs
    [TUTORIAL] Adding a working control point to your map
    [TUTORIAL] func_rotating replacement
    [TUTORIAL] Mapping Faster with Scripts
    [TUTORIAL] Custom Objective Icons using Photoshop
    [TUTORIAL] Single Flag CTF with flag team switching.
    [TUTORIAL] Workaround of func_rotating
    [Tutorial/Tip] Adding more detail to spawn rooms!
    [TUTORIAL] the TF_GAMERULES entity
    [TUTORIAL] Adding a working control point in CTF
    [TUTORIAL] Displacement Pipes/Sewers
    [TUTORIAL] Understanding lightmaps
    [Tutorial] Mapping for TF2 - BIG
    [Tutorial]Easy TF2 style cliff textures
    [TUTORIAL] Making a texture with a normal map
    [TUTORIAL/PREFAB] Flag return from pits of death.
    TUTORIAL] Vital setup to adhere to server timelimit
    Deathmap Tutorial
    [Video Tutorial] Making a 5 Control Point Map
    [TUTORIAL] Stepped Hillside Displacements
    [TUTORIAL] Basic visibility control
    [Tutorials]Making awesome doors!
    [TUTORIAL] Making Stationary and Moving, Breakable, Respawning Targets
    [Tutorial] Flag Indicators on a Push map
    [Tutorial] Optimization
    [TUTORIAL] Brush merging
    [tutorial]Quick (re)viewing a map.
    [Tutorial] How to set up Territorial Control rules (like Hydro)
    [Tutorial] CTF with Forward Spawns (For Large Maps)
    [TUTORIAL] Counting control points owned + Custom team scoring system
    [TUTORIAL] Respawn Timers
    [Tutorial/Prefab] Flag Carrier Only Doors
    [TUTORIAL] - Using animated props on trigger..
    [Tutorial] Fixing deaths and senteries in respawn - All maps need this
    [TUTORIAL] CTF Capture entities and tricks.
    [INFO] Playload entity setup.
    [INFO] About team respawn settings (its also the fix if yours failed to work)
    [Info] Fine tuning lights
    [INFO] TF2 Particles List
    [INFO] Source engine entity limit & more
    [INFO] weapon entity names
    [INFO] Checkers as cubemaps
    [INFO] How to make a complex map not entity CRASH!
    [INFO] Illustrative Rendering
    [INFO] trigger_capture_area time settings
    [Tip] Speeding up Your Mapping
    [Tip] How to Get Great Feedback
    [TIP] Leaks, Hints and Areaportals
    [Tip] Using Notepad, sed to save you time with editing entities, brushes, materials.
    [TIP] Tricky textures to find
    [protip] About Compiling
    [TIP]Exploring official maps on Hammer
    [TIP] Props on top
    [INFO] CTF Gametypes
    [TIP] Don't get hung up on the details
    [TIP] Batch compiling custom textures
    TF2 Texture Tips thread
    Quick optimization tips...
    [TIPS] What adds Detail to your map?
    [TIP]Icons for your Text Messages
    [TIP] What other resources can I use?
    [TIP] Face Normal disp edit and a helper
    Timesaving: Hammer's shortcuts.
    -staticproplighting and why NOT to use it
    [QnD] Grimz Quick and Dirty 3d skybox
    AD-CP ( Attack and Defend Capture Points ) Prefab of basic entities
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    Good list :) This is much easier than browsing through several pages on the forum.