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Mapping question: shadows & lighting

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Anxiro, May 15, 2009.

  1. Anxiro

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    Hi there!

    I'm mapping a cp-Citadel kind of map and I've got this question I can't figure out.

    In my map, I've got lightbulps everywhere inside a building. Almost every 4 feet sometimes, because I don't know a better way. Any of you have suggestions? Is this the good way to add lighting inside a building or spawnroom?

    Because sometimes it gives me ugly looks. And by adding all those lights I've got light-circles on the walls sometimes (yes, put them more away or remove strength):

    Next thing are shadows. I've got ugly shadows that makes my bright-orange wall more poo-orange. Like a dark orange color (got screenshot). This is outside. Look at the wall:

    Is there a better way to add 'good' lighting to rooms, hallways and outside?
    Outside is controlled by my env_sun. Looks great outside. But the shadows and lighting inside are difficult for me to get me started on the right way.

    Please, any suggestions, tips or solution(s)?
    It would be great helping my first map out. :blushing:

    - Frank
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  2. Pink_Panther

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    There is an older technique for lighting called texture lighting that is very effective. Basically make a brush that looks like a light source (a shop light, tube lights, whatever) and then on one side use a texture that looks like a light (type light into the name filter in hammer). When compiled, they will act as a light source using a light.rad file. (you can search for that on the net and learn about them)

    Also, your puting in lights before you texture which is ok. But, once you put textures in, the lighting effect will probably look totally different. Try texturing then adding in lights sparcely to allow for dim/darker areas then add a couple more here and there to control the darkness in spots that need to be lighted due to player movement and such.

    What you have will probably work well, but dont be set on thinking that every set distance has to have a light. Think of a house, is there a light in every corner? or is there one or two placed around in a natural location to get the most effect and light only the areas needed? Also, is every light in the house the same brightness? Is every light the same color(some bulbs are whiter and some are more yellow right)? Is every light source a bulb?

    Lighting is easy to do, but extreamly hard to get right. The key is to allow it to be natural to the point that nobody really notices it. If its a smidge too bright or dark, wrong colors, too many lights or not enough, people will notice. When its natural, nobody will say a thing other than 'it looks nice/good' and they wont know why.
  3. wiseguy149

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    Pink Panther said a lot of good things. Yes, it will look a lot different once you texture it.

    But one thing I'd recommend for you for now is to increase the falloff distances of those bulbs so you don't use so many.
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