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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Whated, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Im stuck on a ma im making I just cannot make anything from my mind. So I need help to get ideas so Im asking how do you guys get the ideas? Looking so photos maybe?...

    Let me know!

  2. Mr.Late

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    I suffer from this very same thing.

    But I am making a map now though. What I did do was that I just draw a layout on a paper. Then I just thought what could be the "story" behind the map.

    I don't know, listening some good music while thinking about your map might help.
  3. Wilson

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    One of the ways to find ideas for a map is to go outside and look around or just read books.
    Maybe watch some TV and play some games. (Or maps someone else made in some case)

    The world around you is best source of inspiration.
    I got idea for Conveyance when i was eating lunch at local cafe and came across this factory area near by. I saw a platform and building with 3 doors in one begin in basement level. Guess what, i said to myself that is pretty cool idea for TF2 map and so Conveyance was born.
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  4. Pc_Madness

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    I just take Valve maps and change the name. Much easier. :)
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  5. fubarFX

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    whenever I'm out, I take a look at the structures around and ask myself: "would this alley make a good layout for tf2", if I see it working in the tf2 universe, I might try it out, if not, I try to find why and how it could be improved etc...

    hammer is very uninspiring. don't try to come up with a good ideas while in hammer. go out and think about mapping all the time. once you get used to it. you'll get a shitton of ideas.
  6. tyler

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    Sometimes I just look through custom models or textures and usually one of them gives me an idea. That's how I started my failed first map, my second map now in b1, and it's how I began planning a third map.