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    Judging procedure:

    Three components:

    First component - Popular Vote
    • One thread will be made where votes will be posted to. The first post will contain a template vote which voters will copy and paste as their reply, changing the numbers to reflect their opinions.
    • In this thread, voters will have the opportunity to grade each map for all four categories, listed below, from 1-10 as well as giving a short summary is they wish. This differs from our previous "Pick your favourite" methods, which tended to polarize results and leave several entrants with no votes.
    • The results of each vote, after the judging time is over, will be calculated together to get an average rating for each map.
    • Users MAY NOT grade their own maps.
    • The goal of the popular vote is to get an overall rating for each map based on everyone's impression of how fun it is. It prevents judges' votes from counting too much, and makes sure the winners are indicative of our entire community's feelings

    Second component- Judges' votes.
    • There will be a panel of about 5 judges. They all have experience mapping and are long-standing members of the community. Some have followed the contest very closely and some have followed it loosely, so we'll have both new perspectives and overall perspectives.
    • Judges' own entries will be disqualified for winning; they will receive marks but will not be eligible to place in the final rankings. Judges may review their own maps but their rating will not be calculated into the map's total score.
    • Judges will playtest each map considerably on their own, via the tf2maps.net server or private servers.
    • Judgment will take place in five categories, each worth 20% of the overall judging. (The questions posed by each category are merely starting points to get you thinking along the right lines)
      1. Gameflow: Are signs properly used, and not overwhelming? Do the various pathways make sense? Are spawns timed properly to create battles in the right areas? Are travel times acceptable? Is there good use of playerclipping? (can't get to areas outside the map).
      2. Balance: Do RED and BLU stand an even chance of winning the map? Is there a fair contest for each control point? Can each class hold their own in the map? Is any one overpowered or underpowered? Is there a good distribution of health and ammo kits?
      3. Detailing: Is the map intricate and beautiful? Is there a high level of polish to the map?
      4. Optimization: Is there any lag during major fights? Did the mapmaker spend time improving framerates? Were func_details, areaportals, hints properly implemented? (Note: a map would not be penalized for lacking one of these components if it runs well irregardless) Small factor: Did the mapmaker try to keep filesize reasonable- lightmap optimizations, etc?
      5. Style: Does the map fit the style of TF2? Do the individual detailing choices make the map feel put together, or dischordant? Is the environment visually pleasing?
    • Each judge will rank each category on a scale of 1-10 and include at least a brief write-up of their decision making process per map. The judges' ratings will be averaged for each map. Each step of this process will be publicized.
    • The goal of the judges' vote is to get a professional look at each map, with a high degree of scrutiny that the mapmakers can use to improve their skills in the future. It prevents a tyranny of the majority, wherein people vote on maps in a popularity contest, thus making the rankings fairer.
    • The judges' average ratings will be multiplied by a factor of .4, and the popular average ratings by a factor of .6. This means a 40%-60% split. They will be added together to achieve the maps' final ratings.
    • The maps' ratings will be published, the ineligible maps (like the judges') removed, and then the final rankings posted. The final rankings will determine the winners.

    The entire formula for a map's rating is such:

    ((Voter's category scorings added up)/4)/(Number of votes) * .4 + ((Judges' category scorings added up)/4)/(Number of judges) *.6 = Final ranking. This formula will be published with all variables so that we all know it was a fair contest.

    Third component- Eligibility
    • Rather simple: Did the entrant meet all rules and requirements? MAKE SURE YOU DO! We will be doing everything we can to avoid disqualification! Review the rules! Please!

    Discussion -> http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=3707
    Submissions (24h 50mins remaining as of this post) -> http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=4833
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