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    Drexer brought up the idea like a month and a half ago and I just now got around to releasing it. What is it? It's a HUD mod that sticks a bunch of buttons that do mapping related things that he requested on the main menu. Since I finally got it out to the public, I figured I should post it here, y'know, where it'll actually be used.

    It ships with my personal main menu because I'm lazy, but that's okay because it's like the normal one but with 10x less clutter and way more utility! Screenshot's here:

    I can pretty much add any command you need, but would rather have a convenient button for rather than binds or typing it into console, through the magic of aliases! So, if anyone would like to request additional functions, I would be happy to oblige. I'm no mapper, but anything to help facilitate good custom content in TF2 is time well spent in my book.

    Direct download link is here and it has all the instructions for setting up your autoexec.cfg to make the buttons work.

    Oh, and I have no clue if this is the right forum for this kind of post, so feel free to move it.
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    since there's nav_generate, sticking nav_mark, nav_connect and nav_disconnect for fixing up nav mesh might also be useful
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    That's really cool! I think the cubemap and mat_specular stuff alone makes it worthwhile to me, and then there's that other stuff I want to try out. Thanks!