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    Hi! So I've been working on a little map on and off recently and up until tonight I haven't had any long lasting problems when it came to compiling. At the moment though, CompilePal can't seem to get past that 20% mark, and this is happening only recently; my first compile today was successful after about 8 minutes. This time around, however, I'm reaching the 40 minute mark with no dice.

    I added a bit of complex geometry between then and now, but went back and deleted pretty much all of it before trying another compile. I'm still not having any luck and I'm at a loss for what's actually the problem at this point.

    I'm sure I'm mucking something huge up here when it comes to general do's and don'ts of working with shapes, but I can't find anything that I know would cause a problem.


    This is the only thing I can imagine may be causing a problem. Is this kind of shape okay...?

    I uploaded the map as well; I'm aware I have a lot of little shards of concrete, and that they are generally bad to have in a map; they definitely increase the compile time by a fair bit, but never made it flat out not work.

    Any help or insight as to why I'm unable to successfully compile my map in a reasonable amount of time is appreciated, thank you!

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    Is the complex geometry, shards, floating diamond, etc a func_detail? If not it's probably vvis cutting way more than it needs to
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    Yeah, it's probably hanging on the VVIS stage, which processes the visibility in the level for players. Angled and complex brushes can cause a lot of visleafs which make VVIS take longer to process, unless they're made into func_detail or other types of non-world geometry.

    After you've compiled, in Hammer go to Map > Load Portal File, and you'll see the visleafs in action.
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    It may not seem like it but cylinders are VERY complex objects for the compile system. And your screenshot shows a bunch of them. Like the above posts say, select them and press ctrl-t to make the "func_details". This makes the compiler treat them like it treats props (which is ignore them completely during the vvis stage)